When will I make the money back from my investment in the Rogue Mangaka Full Training?

Before I commit to anything that will take a big sum of my money and time, I pay close attention on how much the product or service is going to help me, and most important of all, if it’s all going to be worth it.

In short, I need to answer: “Am I going to get my money back?”

That is the huge difference between spending and investing.

We spend for entertainment, movies, junk food. That is money we never get back.

But when we are talking about investment, we need to know: “Is this money coming back with returns?”

Well, here is what you need to know.

The Rogue Mangaka ROI (Return of Investment)

If you decide to take the first two levels of the Rogue Mangaka (Beginners and Hobbyists), then you are spending $294 USD on educational entertainment.

The first two levels are just for passing time. It helps you become good enough, so you can enjoy drawing as a hobby.

But when we are talking about the Rogue Mangaka Professional Level, we are talking about an investment.

You need 2 things to make a living

  • Drawing skills
  • Business Skills

The Rogue Mangaka for Professionals covers both.

If you are a good artist, but not a good business person, you can get a few customers very happy, but you will not know how to get enough customers to keep a steady income.

If you are good at business, but not a good artist, you can get lots of customers to pay you, but they will be so unhappy and dissatisfied with your work, that they will not buy from you ever again, and even drive customers away from you, complaining about your bad quality and poor performance.

Now. If you have both, you will be able to get lots of customers, and make them so happy with your work, that they will hire you again, and even bring in more customers to you. They will talk great things about you and recommend you to their friends and family.

That is what happened with my friend Jonathan, who paints rooms for clients in El Paso, TX.

His customers are so happy that they recommend him to their family and friends.

So, can this happen to you?

I don’t know. Do you have what it takes to put the time, energy and investment necessary to make this happen for you?

Before you answer, let’s go into more detail about:

Drawing Skills

We teach you how to draw, and we teach you how to improve and review your own drawings, so you can become a better critic of your own work.

You will learn techniques to find out what’s correct or what’s wrong about your drawing. Something that Leonardo DaVinci developed in the 1400s, the Renaissance era.

You will get so good, that at some point, some people will naturally start asking for “favors”. These favors become your training ground in your professional career as an artist. You use this to find out what people want and what can be charged for money later in the future.

Then, after you naturally get compliments from strangers (family comments are usually biased), and you have a stunning portfolio, you can start charging money.

The problem is, where do you find the people who are already spending money in tailor-made drawings? Because there are thousands and thousands of people each day giving their money away to artists.

Where do you find these people? The future buyers of your work.

Business Skills

This is when you need to learn about business.

Business skills include:

  • Marketing: Getting lots of people to know about you.
  • Growing an audience: Grow the number of people that keep buying from you, talk about you, recommend you and follow you on social media.
  • Selling: Knowing how to pitch, build up value, and get people interested in your services.
  • Negotiation: Knowing how to get the best deals for you and for them. Create WIN/WIN scenarios, so you are both happy, build a happy long-term business relationship.
  • Financial Management: How to best invest your money in advertising once you start making an income and are ready to scale up your business.
  • Systematizing: Learn different ways to make an income once you have decent skills.

All of these are included in the Rogue Mangaka for Professionals training.

So now that you know the 2 things you need to make the best return on your investment, we can answer the question:

When will I make the money back?

The short answer: It depends.

Every situation and every person is different.

I have seen two people take the same instructional material, and then: One will do it, and the other will procrastinate. The one who applies it, gets results, the one who doesn’t apply it, doesn’t get results.

Here are the factors that determine how much time it will take you:

  • Your initial drawing skills.
  • Your initial business skills.
  • Your time management skills.
  • Your problem-solving skills.
  • Your discipline.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your current habits.
  • Your ability to focus.

If you are low on every single one of those, then it can take you a lot of years. Up to 10 years.

But if you have a high score on more than half of them, then it can take you between 1-3 years.

Sharing these numbers is stunning for a lot of you. I bet right now you are probably feeling some sort of heaviness in your stomach, and your heart accelerated a bit.

That is because you are looking for a quick solution. Something super easy and fast, like pressing a button, and getting insta-results!

Well, sorry. I don’t share lies. I share reality and personal experience.

To learn more, you can check this lesson from the Beginner’s stage:


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