Hi Everyone!

Gus here,

I have some news for you...

We, the team in 2DAnimation101.com want to sincerely apologize to you, our lovely supporters.

We are idiots. And we are so sorry for that. Look at our faces...


But!!! We also have good news for you!

That's right! To make it up to you, we are releasing 7 lessons that you can access right now, so you can start your training. (Keep reading to know how)

We GOT so excited working on the course that… we forgot to keep you updated on the state of… well… the course.

In our defense, we are creating the best course EVER.

But this is not about our defense, it’s all about your learning and how we failed to deliver on time.

I know! But I promise you, once we do, you will see that this is the most specific and detailed course that will really get you results.

We are teaming up with a lot of talented people and working super hard to provide you the best.

Unfortunately, we underestimated the amount of work that bringing the best requires.

Again, we are idiots. So thanks so much for your patience.

Since we don’t believe in mediocrity, we rather push the date a little further and release a good product (the best product), and I know we are asking a lot of you by asking for more time, but there is a huge good reason for this.

What reason? To bring you the best of the best instead of going the easy way and releasing… whatever, and take your money.

NOT US! You put your faith in us, so we will deliver what you paid for and more.

We have done a lot of research, and that has brought us to this point when we realized that we could raise the bar a little further.

We are not only working on the creation of the lessons, we are actually changing the way you learn and paving the future of education.

We truly want to take this course to the next level, and with that, also take YOU to the next level.

How are we doing this? Easy:

By implementing something ridiculously awesome…

Are you guys ready?

We are implementing...


What is gamification? In short, we are making this course feel like a videogame.

For more information about gamification, I invite you to check this video:

It’s a TEDx talk with Yu-kai Chou, entrepreneur, speaker, and gamification pioneer.

We want you NOT only to learn, but also to be engaged on learning, get hooked, addicted.

Will this be possible?

No, of course not, learning is supposed to be boring forever.

Just kidding! YES! ABSOLUTELY! We want you to have fun learning!

This is not only possible but it’s also being implemented right now as I write this.

Thanks to the help of Vicente Zesati.

He’s a highly skilled computer systems engineer and programmer (and I’m not saying it only because he’s my brother, ok? He actually is), that is currently working for the multinational company General Electric Healthcare, but not only that, he’s also a huge fan of gaming and anime, which makes him the perfect fit for this job.

With this feature, you’ll be able to deliver drawings, get points, and with them, unlock achievements and get rewards.

A great way to keep track of your progress, your experience level, and keep you motivated to keep going.

This is just a little crappy draft preview of how the Dashboard of the user interface is going to look:

This is just the idea, not the final version, but I can just promise you, it will look great.

SO! The big question now.

When are we releasing the course?

Realistically, the release date of the course will be hopefully on August, if not September, of this same year.

Very soon we will be releasing the exact Launch Date for the Rogue Mangaka. PROMISE.

Expect more updates in a (hopefully) not so far away future.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

See you soon.

Take care.
Gustavo Zesati