Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for your patience.

We are still working on more research to find the best and fastest ways to teach how to draw manga.

The course will consist of completing around 2,071+ drawings, and after drawing those, you will have enough practice to create and design your own original characters, and also be able to start creating some panels for your Manga.

We have been looking at some books from Japan (5 books that are completely in Japanese, but they help because of all the illustrations), along with some books from Mark Crilley, Christopher Hart, Aya Hosoi, 3DTotal Publishing, Manga University and also checked YouTube videos from DokiDoki Drawing, amateur vs Pro to understand little subtleties that make characters look really good.

And also we came in contact with an awesome artist called Precia, who is helping us by providing some content for the course,

And finally, we are still working on some research by testing the methods we have developed so far with people who are absolute beginners to make sure they work.

One of our testers is called Glenn Gray, he is 75 years old and he is making progress, we have had a couple of live sessions and he has been training for 2 weeks now, testing our methods.



And after 2 weeks of training, here is what he can do BY MEMORY:

He still needs to learn more techniques, like drawing the hair and part of the body, but he is getting there bit by bit.

The course is planned to have lots of exercises to practice that will help you develop the skill of drawing awesome manga characters.

These are the list of modules for the exercises, the practical part of the course. Each set of exercises will require a number of drawings for the method we are developing:

  • Drawing faces and heads in all angles (350 drawings)
  • Drawing and understanding different hair styles (189 drawings)
  • Drawing different emotional expressions (178 drawings)
  • Drawing hands (442 drawings)
  • Drawing feet and shoes (64 drawings)
  • Drawing different clothes (148 drawings)
  • Drawing the body (80 drawings)
  • Drawing basic 3d objects and rotating them to understand and practice foreshortening of arms and legs (330 drawings)
  • Drawing the body in different angles (80 drawings)
  • Drawing dynamic poses (160 drawings)
  • Perspective drawing of backgrounds (50 drawings)

And finally, once you have all those drawings completed, you will work in your first manga.

You will learn how to develop a story, learn a bit of cinematography and visual language to compose awesome shots, and then start creating each panel of your Manga.

Our research is currently at around 80% and the course production is currently at 33%.

Thanks again for your patience! :D