Hi Mark Diaz here for 2DAnimation101 dot com.

In this video I am going to teach you how to draw anime eyes.

This is like the first step, your first official step in creating anime characters.

What I want you to do is, take a piece of paper, and a pencil, or pen, or your blood, and then do this with me.

I will be using a drawing tablet for this, I will be sharing a piece of knowledge that you can follow with a piece of paper, and also a piece of crap to keep you company.

Now, here is how you do it.

I will cover 3 basic shapes of eyes.

Let’s start with the big round eyes.

How about that! You now know how to draw anime eyes! Right?

Ok… if you didn’t take a piece of paper and did this exercise, then you just wasted your time.

A lot of my students who are barely starting tell me: I don’t know how to draw, I don’t know where to start… Then I ask… ok, what have you tried.

They say… nothing.

So if this is you, I will say to you what I say to them… If you don’t try, you won’t learn.

If you prefer to be lazy and procrastinate, then, that explain the skills you deserve then.

If you want to deserve amazing drawing skills, WORK FOR THEM!

If you don’t take action and try it, you won’t be able to learn anything.

So, PLEASE!!!! TAKE ACTION AND DO SOMETHING WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL BRAIN OF YOURS! Put some skills on it! Your brain will love you for it, and you will open opportunities in your life with new skills 😊

Check this video once again and follow the instructions and draw those eyes. You can share them with me to my email [email protected], or you can add me on Facebook at fb.me/markdiaz83

Now, if you are too afraid of trying because you are afraid your drawing will suck, it’s probably because you suck. And that’s ok! Remember, your present is not your future! You can improve!

If you are too afraid of failing, then you really need to check my video on how to overcome the Fear of Failure, which you can get inside the free training we have at our website, 2danimation101.com

Thanks for watching.

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Thanks for your support.

Now, in the next video, I will share with you, how to draw anime faces