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This video is from the: How to draw anime series. Episode 1.


Hi, Mark Diaz here for

In this video, I will talk about how YOU can someday draw amazing anime characters. Yes. You. I don’t care if you suck at drawing right now, you can do this.

Let’s get it started.

It all starts with you visiting some tutorials you watch on YouTube, you see someone amazing drawing something spectacular, and it feels super comfortable just watching it.

Then you get enough excitement going on, and you try it yourself.

OOPS! Your drawing is a tragedy!

“What the heck!”

“Am I stupid or something?” (yes!)

“Nah… it’s just that… maybe drawing is just not for me.”



This is stupid thinking and is not productive. You have a powerful brain that can learn anything, and with time and training, you can learn how to draw.

Always remember this.

Your present IS NOT YOUR FUTURE.

Just because you can’t draw right now, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do so in the future.

The main reason why is so frustrating to draw anime characters is because it can be overwhelming.

The face, the eyes, the hair, the clothes, the hands… everything together is too much.

It’s like picking up a new video game, taking the controller for the first time, and then, playing in the hardest level, against the strongest enemies who can kick your butt in 2 seconds.

You look someone playing a video game like that and you say: “Pff, that guy is stupid. He doesn’t know how to play and he goes against the hardest ones.”

But when you try drawing something super hard when you haven’t mastered the first levels of drawing, you just say… “Well, maybe drawing is just not for me.”

No! If you are not good, then why are you trying to draw something spectacular?

In the video game analogy, the way to beat the hardest levels is:

Instead of playing in the hardest level, and even before playing the first level, you need to focus on understanding the basic controls of the game first…

Which button is used to move move, which to run, how to aim, and how to shoot.

Once you understand the controls, and you get familiar with it, you can start playing, but not on the hardest level… no!

You start with the easy ones.

The ones right for you and your skill level.

And then, as you get better and better, you eventually get to the end of the game where you play against the strongest enemies and you beat the crap out of them. YEAH!


What you need to do first is, just like with a video game when you are learning the controls, you need to start getting the hang of it.

How? By drawing circles and lines. Then, after you get decent at that, you can start drawing anime eyes, then anime faces, then hairstyles, and so on.

And all of that can be learned easily IF you progress sequentially.

Just like video games teach you a new skill on each level, you need to learn a new single skill on each level of drawing.

Like, drawing eyes. Nothing else. Just draw eyes.

Then faces. Nothing else, just faces with no hair.

Then hairstyles. Nothing else, etc.

And this way, you move sequentially until you can start putting everything together and finally, you are able to create beautiful anime characters that you can sell$$ to people interested in your work.

So, you see, trying to draw amazingly in your first try, with no skills or experience, looks impossible.

But if you focus and learn every single step at a time, it suddenly looks possible.

Because it is!

So. To learn how to draw anime, you need to be able to understand each part of the character, practice it, master it, and then, start putting the pieces together until you become awesome and can start $$ making money with it.

Thanks for watching.

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