How this training works?

This course will have tons of assignments and exercises.

Each exercise will be a building block that will prepare you for a harder exercise, and step by step, you will become awesome.

You will learn:

  • How to draw lines and circles, this is the foundation of drawing.
  • Recognizing the different types of character design in anime
  • Perspectives
  • Sketching backgrounds
  • Adding texture
  • Setting up scenes for manga panels.
  • Designing original characters
  • Designing original backgrounds
  • Creating a story
  • Visual storytelling and cinematography
  • And we will finish this course with the creation of your very first original Manga.

Then… we will go through how to draw anime characters

  • How to draw anime eyes
  • Anime faces
  • Head rotations
  • Body proportions
  • Body rotations
  • Character poses
  • Characters at an angle
  • Complex poses and angles.

Then… we will learn

And finally, the course will finish with:

If you follow each exercise and you do all your assignments, this manga will be a high-quality manga that you can monetize and sell.

So, support our campaign and learn to draw anime characters and your own Manga in just 12 weeks.

With your help, we will be able to have this course by June this same year.

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