How this training works?

When this Kickstarter is fully funded, and we finish the course, you will get access to the training, and it will be something like this:

You go to our school, just type

Then you would go to my courses

If you are already logged in, you will just select your course, but if not, then you will just need to log in, and then pick the course of Rogue Mangaka.

Right now, this course is obviously not ready yet, this is just a mock up course, but this is just to give you an idea, this is how you will train.

It will open, and it will have hours and hours of video training for you, it’s going to be a beast.

It will have all the steps, in detail, and very specific instructions.

Then, after you complete an exercise, you will be required to post your drawing in the Training Center

This will not just be any course, in which you passively watch videos and you don’t really practice anything.

No. This course will be packed with practical exercises to do.

You will have the chance to submit as many drawings as you want until you truly master the exercise and are ready to move forward to the next.

Each exercise will be a building block that will prepare you for a harder exercise, and step by step, you will become awesome.

So, support our campaign and learn to draw anime characters and your own Manga in just 12 weeks.

To have this course when is released, you need to select the BUY THIS COURSE pledge. Or if you want this course, together with the How to Do Anime course, in which we will teach you how to transform your Manga into a high-quality animation, you can select the EARLY BETA ACCESS pledge.

Support our campaign and I will see you inside the course, once is released..